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Norwegian Trout Air-Flown Fresh, Sashimi Grade 挪威空运新鲜虹鳟鱼 (刺身级别)

RM 44.00
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Pre-order only for fresh fish/fillet, delivery time can be as long as one week. We need to weigh your fish to advise you the final price only when the fish arrives. This is to ensure the optimal product quality. Please indicate at the remark your preference to deliver chilled or frozen.


Whole Fish is RM60/kg. 


- Fillet cut has 1 pack of fish head, 1 pack of fish bone, 1 pack of belly and approx. 12-14 pack of boneless fillets (depends on size of fish)


- Ring cut has 1 pack of fish head, 12-14 pack of bone in fillets


Fillet is RM99/kg, 500gm has approx. 2 pc of fillets.


Price shown is based on estimated weight. Eg. whole fish of 3.5kg times RM60 = RM210, or whole fish of 4.5kg times RM60 = RM270. 

Final price depends on Weigh. 


Whole fish purchase are weighed before descaling, deboning and cutting (Gross Weight). The Net Weight of the fish will be approx. 6-8% lesser than invoiced weight (Gross Weight)

鱼是称了才去鳞、去骨和切片,所以您拿到的鱼会有约6-8 %的重量损失。

* Please note that recent price increase from Norway supplier is due to high flight cost and unfavourable USD/MYR exchange rate at the moment


➡️我们的三文鱼,每个拜三挪威直接✈️进口,2⃣️天就断货!✅ 💯%新鲜



每箱三文鱼都有自己的原产条码•••如果choi、choi、choi发生什么寄生虫事件,我们就知道鱼🐟跑哪去了!✅ 可靠

➡️我们卖鱼卖了26年,去看看我们快要100个的脸书好评,参考参考一下 ✅💯%可靠

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